Anna started out simply doodling... on anything and everything. Brought up on the North coast of Cornwall by parents who liked to grow and rear their own food, she found that most things she thought beautiful were either to be found in the sea, on the beach or growing in the soil.

This doodling never really got serious until she'd finished her schooling in the sciences. After dabbling in all sorts of jobs (which included such dizzying highlights as practising reef knots in a telephone switchboard, "temping" on a trashy selection of misfit fruit-named computers... to being a cadet on "Judge Dredd") she realised that she really LOVED doodling, more specifically she loved illustrating.

Since the light dawned, Anna has illustrated over 100 books to date, working with some wonderful chefs and writers and thoroughly enjoying the process.

Whilst beavering away on books she has also discovered a love of illustrating in oil (wholly impractical for books!) and as a result has taught herself to work in this incredibly rich and luscious medium to produce works that echo the life of each subject chosen, be it a fig, an onion, a collection of shells from her favourite beach or simply carrots pulled from the soil.

She is regularly commissioned to create canvases for restaurants, interior designers and private collectors alike.

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